Jun 30, 2009

We are just about half way through 2009.  So far this year has brought many tragic accidents to the people who use Illinois roadways.  The loss of life in any accident is always tragic and the bizarre circumstances which led to the deaths described below are no exception to that rule.

In the first half of 2009:

  • A 13 year old boy was crushed by a dump truck. According to KSDK News, the boy was helping to unload gravel from the back of the truck when the truck tipped over and crushed him to death.  The truck driver had a suspended license and a warrant for his arrest had been issued in California.
  • A 31 year old man died after hitting a parked garbage truck.  The Journal Star reports that the man sneezed, lost control of his vehicle and hit the parked garbage truck.  He died less than 2 hours later from numerous injuries.
  • 2 people were killed and 21 injured when a truck crashed into the Cermak – Chinatown CTA station.  The driver failed to make a scheduled stop, arrived in Chicago and crashed into the CTA station during Friday night rush hour.  The Baltimore Sun reported that the driver had no previous driving violations.

While many truck accidents happen on the highway, the accidents described above make us all too aware that truck accidents can happen anywhere and under any circumstances.  The public must be aware of their surroundings at all times in order to remain safe.