Sep 3, 2008

August 23, 2007-A jury found Hinckley and Sandwich, IL general practitioner, Dr. Vijay Marwaha, responsible for failing to diagnose bladder cancer and kidney disease of David Kordek, 44.  Currently, according to testimony at trial, David Kordek has a 10 percent chance of living to the age of 50.  The jury returned a verdict of $1.6 million for Kordek, the second highest verdict returned in a medical malpractice case and the first ruling siding with the plaintiff in four years in DeKalb County.  Chicago attorney, Martin A. Dolan of Dolan Law Offices represented David Kordek and his wife, Marcia.

Between June and November of 2003, David Kordek saw Dr. Marwaha with complaints of urinary frequency and other symptoms according to testimony.  During this period, Mr. Kordek’s kidneys became obstructed by a mass in his bladder which eventually turned into renal failure.  Mr. Kordek was finally diagnosed with renal failure and stage four bladder cancer in November of 2003 by another doctor at Rochelle Community Hospital.  Because of the condition of kidneys and his renal failure, Mr. Kordek’s treatment options for the bladder cancer were limited.  His oncologist opined that Mr. Kordek’s chances of reaching the age of 60 is zero percent.

The trial lasted from August 13-21.  The jury deliberated for approximately two days.

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