Jul 15, 2009

Since the children of Creative Steps Daycare where asked not to return to the Valley Swim Club in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, allegations of racial discrimination have been made and debated.  The daycare claims that swim club members made derogatory remarks about the race of the children using the pool and many members removed their children from the pool.

Chicago civil rights lawyers are familiar with the complexities of racial discrimination allegations and they know that certain factors must be proven if the state is going to find that the Valley Swim Club discriminated against the Creative Steps Daycare.

State to Expedite Investigation at NAACP’s Request

Last week, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission announced that it will be investigating the racial discrimination allegations raised by Creative Steps Daycare against the Valley Swim Club.  If it is proven that the daycare was denied use of the pool because of the race of the children it brought to swim in the pool then a civil rights violation is likely to have occurred.  However, if it is found that the daycare’s contract was cancelled because of overcrowding and that predominately white daycares faced similar situations then a civil rights violation may not have occurred.

The daycare has found another place for the children to swim this summer while the country awaits the results of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission investigation.

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